100 Days Until the 19th ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022

100 Days Until the 19th ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022

In the framework of the 19th edition of the ISF Gymnasiade – School Summer Games taking place from 14th to 22nd May 2022, in Normandy – France, the International School Sport Federation (ISF), the School Sport Federation of France (UNSS), the Normandy region and city decision makers met in Deauville from 31st to 4th November 2022 to continue the high-level preparation of the event in regard to all functional areas and in particular, the preparation of all sport competitions.

In celebration of this 100-day countdown, a press conference was held today in the centre of Deauville, with ISF President Laurent Petrynka, UNSS National Director Olivier Girault, and Vice-Mayor of the City of Deauville Philippe Behuet taking the floor marking the importance of this milestone and praise the strong cooperation that has been created between all stakeholders throughout preparations.

Laurent Petrynka – ISF President: The ISF and UNSS have together delivered a very successful operational visit in all areas which has met the expectations of the ISF in terms of the preparational standards, for the most important multi-sport event of our organisation at this stage. Thanks to the high-level support and cooperation with the State, the Normandy Region, the nine host cities, and the organising committee of UNSS we are confident that ISF members will leave this event having enjoyed a unique sporting, educational and cultural experience in France. The ISF is ready for the next steps of preparation of the event with the UNSS. We look forward to welcoming together, ISF members to Normandy in May 2022.

With just one hundred days to go until the event, the plans for accommodation, logistics and security are of a very high level and will guarantee the welcoming of all delegations in the best and safest conditions. This week saw ISF Sport Technical Commission Presidents and Coordinators, conduct visits to each of the competition venues, as well as holding meetings with their counterparts from the Local Organising Committee of ISF member UNSS, demonstrating the high-level of preparation currently in place.

With more than 3500 school student athletes aged 16 to 18 years old from over 70 countries competing in 17 sports and 3 para sports in May 2022; this technical sports visit contributed to further coordinating the cooperation between all event stakeholders. The sports facilities are of an excellent level and the cooperation with International Federations and local sport movement will support the delivery of a fantastic sport experience for the youth of the world.

As with all ISF events, ISF Gymnasiade Normandy 2022 will provide school students from around the world with the opportunity to combine high-level sport competition with cultural and educational activities and experiences. This week allowed for further preparation on the educational activities of the event, with the Fun and Skills Zone and School Sport Forum to be held in Deauville at the International Centre of Deauville (CID).

The Fun and Skills Zone will be an area designed as the location which will gather various different ISF partners in order to present their activities, aims and goals as well as provide interactive games. The School Sport Forum will gather a wide variety of governmental decision makers in the fields of sport and education as well as some of the most renowned and respected organisations and federations to discuss the role of education and sport in the development of youth.

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