ISF Elections - General Assembly 2022

ISF Elections - General Assembly 2022

During the latest meeting held on 10th December 2021, the ISF Executive Committee adopted the decisions regarding the ISF elections which will be held during the next ISF General Assembly in 2022:

  1. Opening of the candidature process on 15th December 2021
  2. Deadline for submitting candidatures (applications) - 01st March 2022

Here below you will find the ISF Internal Regulations for the elections at the General Assembly 2022 which will cover the period 2022-2026. In this document you can find all details regarding:

  1. Positions to be elected in 2022 for the period 2022-2026
  2. General Information
  3. How to apply?
  4. Election procedure at the General Assembly
  5. Voting rules during the General Assembly

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